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Trouble With Christmas

2012-12-05 00:27:14 by 5SN

Welp, now I must restart my Christmas episode for the 3rd time, and I highly doubt I will get it out until the week after Christmas. Oh well, flash fucks up, it happens. However the interesting thing about this is it's a Christmas cartoon made by an agnostic atheist published a week after Christmas...have you ever heard of anything like it? probably

Update that nobody cares about!

2012-11-03 01:24:19 by 5SN

Let's be honest, there isn't exactly a bunch of people stalking my page, but for those who read the news page, maybe you read this, and if so, I fell sorry for you, because this is not going to be too exciting of an update. 1st update is that I now have a new youtube where I will put up all of my actually decent animations that I will work hard on. I don't exactly feel like putting up a link, but the channel name is "DaChalkGuy" because of my stupid nickname I have had for zero reason all the way through middle and high school, Chalk. Also, I tried many names with Chalk in there, most of them were taken, so I ended up with this piece of shit for an acronym. Also, I am working on a Christmas episode of my cartoon, wich actually shouldn't suck because I have been working at this shit for months. For those who contacted me for the script, I'd love to hear your thoughts on it. If it was good, I wrote the entire thing, if not, we will blame my friend Matt who had a much larger part in the script if the circumstances are such as described. I will publish the episode to both Newgrounds and Youtube on December 24th, also known as Christmas Eve. Probably 1 week later I will release another cartoon that I started over the summer to knock off rust so I could prepare for this cartoon, that really helped me out a lot, but I got lazy with it and decided it should wait until after the Christmas episode to be finished. Welp, that's all folks. Happy early Martin Luther King Jr. day!

Good Morning

2012-02-10 16:06:48 by 5SN

Well, after months, I am finally starting animation on my project Good Morning tonight. As soon as I finish, it will be uploaded to newgrounds as my apologies for my delay. It will be uploaded to youtube the Saturday after I finish. Thanks
- Dan

Good Morning

Still in need of female voice acting

2012-01-31 15:05:32 by 5SN

I'm almost done gathering voices for a very important project, and I need a female voice actress who can play both a little girl and a middle age woman.


2011-12-01 19:42:09 by 5SN

I have not been posting new animations on here lately, however i did just post a new animation to my bros youtube
thanks- dan

Good Morning

2011-09-14 19:21:40 by 5SN

Good Morning, I am not Dan. Thank you for wasting 10 seconds of your life reading this.